Jefferson Mining District Activity in the 2013 State of Oregon Legislative Session

This Page Memorializes the Legislative Activities of Jefferson Mining District

BREAKING NEWS: Preparatory to judicial proceedings which might be taken by Jefferson Mining District or, independently or in conjunction, by grantees, were the State of Oregon to pull back the hammer of the gun it points at the heads of private property possessors or real producers, and to lay the foundation for remedy, Jefferson Mining District has served upon the State of Oregon Legislature, and others aiding and abetting, a
 Notice and Demand to Cease and Desist.

  ANTI-Mining PROPERTY Legislation ALERT!

  Legislative Comment Guide  

ATTENTION: Miners & Other Property Owners:

We Need You To Comment.
Send During Comment Window!
See guide for the very particular HOOPS the legislature wants you to jump through.
Filing window appears a bit more relaxed. Make sure to make a follow up call to confirm you comment was placed in the committee record for meeting materials.
Do not hesitate to complain about any bureaucratic dog and pony show HOOPS obstruction to your public comment.
Send During Comment Window!
We Need You To Protest the theft of your water and mineral extraction rights:

To any wrongful Bill all you need to do is write an email sent to the staff of the committee the bill is scheduled before that says: 
For the Public Record.
I OPPOSE Bill No. ##. It will adversely affect my property and rights.
[if available add any other reasons in law that make the bill wrong.]
 // name// date// address //


JMD to Oppose HB 2841 Promoted as a miner's bill to guarantee consultation. It does not. Read the Warning below and the Comment to be filed. More importantly read the actual Bill. Do not take merely accept what you are told.

WARNING: In the opinion of JMD, the "mining rights" legislation proposed to date are no good. These are merely bones thrown to subdue miners out of their voice and opposition. Do not be suckered into believing anyone today knows mining law better than Congress in 1865 to 1872. The so-called Miner's Right to Work bill is a FAIL; We're not mere workers, We're grantees in possession. Any mining rights bill suggestion this session, such as the bill to guarantee consultation appears to be a FAIL.
The only thing property possessors need is the existing law be respected, insuring once again we are left alone to enjoy our property in peace, as the Mining Law was intended to provide.
JMD To File Opposition to HB 2841 which already unanimously passed the House and is now before the Senate Natural Resources Committee. This shows the dangers of representatives and miners that do not sufficiently know the law of the mineral estate. JMD offers a solution to bring even the existing statute more into compliance with the Mining Law.

Salem Miners Rally Success. Oral Comments to HB 2248 Made  
Kerby Jackson Challenges Fish-Baters to Show the Science Proving Harm to Salmon.
"Where's your science? We have science behind us."
Tom Pepiot - "We've got to fight for what is ours."
Videos of Rally Care of Minersminute

More Legislative Plunder:
HB 3337 More A-21, i.e., Sustainable Development stealing your way if life. Where Rocks have more rights and you have none. Tied to SB 839.
PULLED from Work Session as of 05/15/13.

Granted Public Necessity
Oregon Water Resource Board's HB2259 Returned to Committee

Increases limited license from $250.00 to $350.00 for high-banking/GRANTED water.

(at the request of Governor John A. Kitzhaber, M.D.,)
Referred to Agriculture and Natural Resources with subsequent
referral to Ways and Means, directed back to the OWRD, then ANR.

Thank you to Bob Stumbo and Tom Quintal for your oral testimony.
Chairman Rep. Brad Witt requested the department resolve the water grant issues and get back to Rep. Witt with the results, requested miners to meet with ODOWR Director. JMD will tenaciously protect the 1866 water grant for all appropriators. We need your help.

UPDATE: After the meeting with the OWRD agency, Attorney General Assistant could not produce valid interpretation of the law to provide OWRD subject matter authority over the extent of the proposed legislation. No authority was provided to charge a fee to maintain a water rights. Oregon Water Rights Act expressly recognizes vested and Granted Uses such that "nothing contained in the Water Rights Act shall be so construed as to take away or impair the vested right of any person to any water or to the use of any water."  OWRD position is, essentially, That's our story and we're sticking to it. Sue us if you don't like it.
    Prepare to engage the Committee and Legislature in opposition when the Bill returns. Do not expect more than the corruption the legislature evidenced when forcing HB 2248 through despite the found frauds or misrepresentations of the Attorney General. If you choose not to engage to stop this in the legislature, prepare for your unlawful takings lawsuits or loose your granted right to water.

JMD Memorial Notice to the proceedings of HB 2259

The presentation of the Attorney General evidenced:

1. Fraud By Omission, 2. Fraud By Misrepresentation, 3. Fraud By Collusion, 4. Fraud By Deprivation Of Rights, 5. Fraud In No Real Purpose Or Intent To Gather The Law, 6. Deprivation of the Truth or Applicable Facts, 7. Fraud By Covert Agenda, 8. Fraud By Evasion; 9. Done Under Color of Official Authority to Deprive Grantees of Their Property. And the fraudulent representations of the OWRD Director.

Expands statutes related to mineral resources to encompass additional types of mining. (at the request of Governor John A. Kitzhaber, M.D.,)

BREAKING NEWS: Legislative Committee ordered DOGAMI meeting to address discrepancies with HB 2248 and independent miners upon JMD Comment. March 7, 2012, hearing exposed Opposition to the Bill where DOGAMI had declared there was none and Representative Whitsett identified inconsistencies in DOGAMI's statements. DOGAMI to respond to 13-page JMD Comment within 2 weeks. JMD was represented from both Southern Oregon and the newly annexed section of Eastern Oregon presenting Mining Law a production-based information exposing severe problems with HB 2248. The legislation appears to be a damaging sweetheart deal model permitting standard orchestrated by the NWMA which will do great damage to independent miners. We appreciate committee Reps Wayne Krieger and Gail Whitsett for taking a keen interest in this very important and detrimental matter.
UPDATE: BILL returned to Committee then sent without prior notice to Ways and Means without further public input and against the Attorney General's misrepresentation and frauds of omission exposed in the JMD Reply after a meeting with DOGAMI. The Memorandum of the Attorney General which Rep. Whittset ordered was required of DOGAMI to remove the challenges to its unsupportable claim to authority and jurisdiction brought out by JMD in its 13 page Comment did not responsively answer to the Comment. This is a serious and egregious breach of duty. This style tyranny will require more than mere comments to stop.  Despite the misrepresentations of the Attorney General, the Committee Voted 7-2 to pass the Bill and send it to the Ways and Means committee. Despite early inquiry, only 2 Representatives were honorable enough to reflect the law. Notice, disappointingly, Rep. Krieger did not stay the lawful course. 
    Thank you to Rep. Whittset and Rep. Thompson for your opposition to this bill which will advance an authority and jurisdiction the Attorney General could not show lawfully exists could affect mineral estate grantees, or any mineral entryman for that matter.
    JMD intends to file protests with the members of the Ways and Means Committee, two members of which are on the ill-fated subcommittee passing the bill. 
The Legislative game is rigged against property owners and their right of peaceful possession. JMD hopes you join in to protest to the Ways and Means Committee of the open governmental theft of your property and rights. With all due respect,  standing on the steps of the "Mable Nuthouse" will not be enough.




SB 838 JMD Opposition Comment Package Filed PASSED
SB 839 JMD Opposition Comment Package Filed PASSED
This Bill is a Special Legislative Fraud and Plunder.
This bill is a theft upon Tax payers in Oregon. All granted property uses or development will be made criminal to justify the fund this unlawful bill creates, reference HB 3337.

SB 846 A Gut and Stuff bill not many got to see.  PASSED

Surprise HB 3251 House Bill, equivalent to SB 12. PASSED
JMD Opposition Comment Filed
But Recordation Obstructed

House Committee On Energy And Environment.

SB 217 - 2 Pages of Concentrated Evile. PASSED
JMD Opposition Comment Filed.

Charges us to consume the water from our own wells and other sources. The State of Oregon would be charging us to drink or use our own water! Interfering with our water appropriation rights. And threatening the title to our homes and land, as well, if we choose not to pay a Bureaucracy! Kill This Bill! Comment to OPPOSE SB 217. Do you need your water right managed?
SJM6 Urges Theft of O&C lands. JMD Opposition Comment filed.
Appears to have been a very successful presentation advocating preservation of mineral estate and existing timber trust management by counties.



From Representative Gail Whitsett:

Update on HB 3200 Sponsor says it appears "dead on arrival" HB 3200, the bill which would ban many semi-automatic firearms and high-capacity gun magazines, has created a huge public outcry. It is encouraging to see the thousands of emails that our office has received in defending our Second Amendment rights! We encourage you to direct your efforts toward the sponsors of anti-gun legislation, including the sponsors of HB 3200. Read The Oregonian's update on HB 3200 here

SB 476 Special Interest Special Rights to interfere with your property PASSED

SB 425 JMD Opposition Comment filing attempted. Legislature will not accept it even though it is currently before the committee after the first hearing. Included now in the Demand to Cease and Desist.

JMD Opposition Comment Circulated SB 115   Yet To Be Scheduled

JMD Opposition Comment Circulated SB 370   Yet to Be Scheduled

SB12 May not operate motor vehicle in beds or banks of certain waterways. OPPOSE NOW   Yet To Be Scheduled
House Agriculture and Natural Resources

(at the request of State Treasurer Ted Wheeler)