Prineville, Oregon Man Stands Up For Taxpayers: BLM Pushes False Charges


By Joseph Snook
Investigative Journalist

Prineville, Oregon 2011 – Concerned about the growing debt of the United States amongst one of the deepest recessions, and highest deficits this country has ever seen; One local man from Prineville, Oregon is standing up for the “Blue Collar” taxpayers of Crook County Oregon. Gerald (Jerry) Keller, 67 of Prineville Oregon was arrested on April 8, 2010 for voicing his (first amendment) concerns to a government (our) employee regarding the purchase of an H-1 Hummer for the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). 

On the morning of March 11, 2010, Jerry Keller and wife Brenda were returning home in their vehicle when they witnessed a yellow H-1 Hummer approaching the roadway. As they neared the Hummer, Jerry stated “I noticed a BLM logo on the side of the vehicle.” As they passed the Hummer, Jerry turned to Brenda and stated, “Hey Momma, can you believe that, a 60-70 thousand dollar vehicle being used by the BLM.” Being a hard working tax-payer and law abiding citizen his entire life, with no criminal record and only one minor traffic citation over 40 years prior, Jerry pulled over to the side of the road. Jerry felt it was his duty to let the approaching driver of the H-1 Hummer know that he didn’t agree with his tax-revenue being used to purchase such lavish vehicles for the BLM.

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