BLM Pushes Forward on Wilderness Agenda

Once again, the BLM is looking to press forward with their agenda to lock up more public lands and more public domain into wilderness designation. In particular, the BLM is now looking to "work with" local and state governments, as well as Indian tribes for "suggestions" on which lands to convert. As the accompanying press release implies, BLM is interested only in working with governments in deciding how best to "manage" our lands. Apparently, we the people who live, work and recreate in these areas, are not invited to the party.

This situation is especially alarming in light of a recent video put together by two past leaders of the Karuk Indian Tribe in Northern California who blew the whistle on leaders within their tribal government for seeking to socio-economically destroying "white" miners and also the neighboring Shasta Indians. It is interesting to note that during the 19th century, the Karuks viewed Euro-American miners and settlers, as well as the Shasta as their sworn ememies. Apparently, some within their government feel that the times have not changed.

We can only speculate if it is the intention of our rogue land managers at BLM to team up with others who are of like mind to some of the Karuk's tribal leaders

See the Press Release here


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