Conservationists call for action on mining claim markers that have killed Nevada wildlife
by Jeff DeLong
4:27 PM, Jan. 31, 2012

(Note: It is important to read this article in entirety. Near the end of the article, the journalist quotes Chris Ross, the head of Nevada BLM's Abandoned Mine Lands Program, who openly encourages people to "Get the word out. Mobilize the school groups. Mobilize the Boy Scouts. Mobilize the Girl Scouts. Mobilize the conservation groups" to trespass on exclusively possessed mineral deposits and to "pull up" claim markers.)

Saying pipes used to mark mining claims in Nevada and across the West could be killing birds by the millions, conservationists are demanding federal land managers take action.

The American Bird Conservancy recently wrote Bureau of Land Management Director Bob Abbey and U.S. Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell asking the federal government to eliminate the threat posed by uncapped metal or PVC claim marker pipes that become deathtraps for birds.

“We’ve got a serious bird mortality issue out there,” conservancy spokesman Robert Johns said. “There is no organized, concerted approach to dealing with this problem. That’s what we’re asking the BLM and Forest Service to do.”

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