Note: Oregon HB 3469 was defeated.



Attached is a copy of proposed Oregon House Bill (HB) 3469.  If enacted, this bill
would greatly affect the selling of precious metals in Oregon.  I have (only)
changed the font, added spacing and indenting to make reading easier, and have
highlighted certain portions for clarification.

Also, on the last page, I have included a copy of ORS 60.470, which defines the
types of precious metal buyers (businesses) this bill would affect.

This bill would severely affect the sales of precious metals (i.e.; gold, silver &
platinum) and delay the transfer of payment from such sales conducted between an
Individual and any type of business that buys precious metals.

As far as I can tell, this bill would NOT affect the sales of precious metals
between individuals. (But I could be wrong).

If this bill passes, it would work as follows:

1.  Anyone wanting to sell precious metals (apparently in any form) to any business
(such as a pawn shop, precious metal buyer, mining shop, etc.) would first have to
provide full identification; and sign a statement claiming that the precious metal
being sold is not stolen.

2.  Upon delivery of the precious metal to the buyer, the buyer would be required to
take digital photos of the metals and document all sorts of information provided by
the seller creating a full record or account of the sale.  Such record would then
have to be made available for complete inspection by law enforcement agencies using
keywords & passwords while doing an internet search. 

3.  After at least ten (10) days, the buyer would then mail, to a "street address"
provided by the seller (no P.O. Boxes) a check for the purchase to the seller.

So what does this mean for the small-scale miner? 
No instant sales of your gold.... and then having to wait nearly 2 weeks to get paid.
And if you don't have a street address, forget it.

This would cripple the small-scale mining industry.  Many miners rely on the sales
of gold they got yesterday to purchase fuel and other needed supplies or equipment
they need today or tomorrow.   With the short 3 month working season, miners do not
have time to wait two or more weeks for payment.  Many work and live on their claims
in the summer, possibly hundreds of miles from home, for 2, 3, 4 or more days in a
row, usually until some supply or another is running low before they drive down off
the claim and go sell some gold.  Most then want to (and need to) purchase supplies,
and then return to the claim for another stretch of mining. 

The delay of the payment for the gold would put many of us out of business.

Representative(s) and tell them to NOT SUPPORT this bill.


At the minimum, there needs to be an exemption for the sales of raw or  unprocessed
precious metals (lode or placer).... this bill should only apply to the sales of
refined metals!

Tom Kitchar
Waldo Mining District

I have also attached a list of all State Senators, Representatives, their room
numbers and PHONE NUMBERS.  I urge everyone ASAP that receives this message to spend
an hour or two on the phone and CALL EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM telling them to veto
or amend HB 3469 as it will destroy Oregon's small-scale mining industry which in
turn will destroy hundreds if not thousands of at least part-time jobs, and
jeapordize an industry that provides millions of dollars per year to Oregon's
economy.  Ask them to put a note of your conversation in their file on HB 3469.

Another method to fight this:  go to the Oregon Legislature website (just Google "OR
2011 Legislature" and you should find email contacts for all of them.  Start sending
them email.  DAILY.


HB 3469 Recording of precious metals when buying or selling.  This bill had its
first hearing today (4/14) and not one miner showed up for this hearing.  The Pawn
brokers lobbyist and Oregon police association all testified in favor of this bill. 
I was the only one testifying against it because it is just another way for the
State of Oregon to track who is buying and selling their precious metals by
recording every transaction you make.  If your goods were stolen and you are called
to identify the stolen property, there is no way to identify a one ounce vial of
gold if half of it is missing or a nugget has been smashed/melted or a coin is
defaced that you may have taken a picture of earlier for insurance purposes.  Big
Brother I am here to help you.  In my opinion this bill will most likely pass like
the scrap metal bill did in the last session. 

This bill is scheduled to have another hearing 

TUESDAY:  April 19 

Hearing Room E  -- State Capitol in Salem.

at 8:00am 

with the General Government and Consumer Protection Committee.


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