Josephine County, Oregon Recognizes The Contribution of Its Miners Through "Mining Recognition Day"

On June 15th, 2011, the Board of County Commisioners of Josephine County, Oregon recognized its mining roots and proclaimed that date as "Mining Recognition Day".

The proclamation was read by BCC Chairwoman Sandi Cassanelli and recognizes the 160th anniversary of the first documented discovery of gold in Oregon which took place on what is now Josephine Creek in the late Spring of 1851, as well as to acknowledge the first written mining code in the United States which was drafted on the banks of Canyon Creek (a tributary of Josephine Creek) on April 1st, 1852, not to mention the local mining community's impacts on the creation of local government and its contribution to the economy of the State of Oregon. The proclamation concluded by requesting that county residents "observe this day in celebration of miners throughout our County".

SWOMA member Robert Stumbo, who's own family played an early role in local mining, accepted the proclamation on behalf of the local mining community and remarked that this proclamation was the type of honor that was long overdue to local mining. The proclamation can be viewed at Armadillo Mining Shop, which Stumbo has owned for the last few years. 

Mining Recognition Day in Josephine County, Oregon


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