Siskiyou County Ranchers: We Do Not Consent To Loss of Property
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Civil disobedience or loss of property and liberty?
Civil Disobedience is a means through which, the people, after resorting to legal means, can resist and nullify abusive and despotic acts of a government.
The most famous act of civil disobedience in the history of the United States of America was the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

After exhausting all legal means to redress grievances to the lawful government had failed, our founding fathers had no other viable option, but to resort to self help through armed civil disobedience.

Our very history is irrefutable proof that Civil Disobedience is an honorable form of protest and a means to resist unlawful and despotic actions of our government.
Consider this: Our founding fathers, having won independence and freedom through civil disobedience, would never have denied succeeding generations its use.
The founding Fathers placed guarantees in our constitution to protect and facilitate the use of Civil Disobedience.

These guarantees are found in the principle of Judicial review, as well as the First Amendment, Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

The California Department of Fish and Game, in this case, led by Mark Stouffer, has clearly exceeded its authority and are engaged in a campaign to take control of our liberty and our property.

Do not be fooled into thinking that this does not affect every one of us. It may be farmers and ranchers today but it will be you tomorrow.
Gain control of the water and you will have gained control of the land and the people on the land.
Through the United States Constitution, government exists only through the consent of the governed.
If the government or its officials place illegal, unjust and onerous restrictions on its citizens it is our duty and our responsibility to act both for ourselves and to protect future generations from this despotism,

I, for one, do NOT CONSENT to an employee of the Department of Fish and Game threatening me with the loss of my liberty or my property.

I do NOT CONSENT to an appointed official placing an un-levied tax upon people engaged in the legal activity of diverting irrigation water.
Remember, this irrigation water is a court-decreed Water Right and as such is a Property Right.

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