U.S. Forest Service (USFS) Harasses, Intimidates and Threatens Teenage Oregon Miner

At a recent meeting of the South West Oregon Mining Association held at Pottsville, Oregon on May 4th, a teenage miner reported that he was harassed by an unidentified employee of the United States Forest Service while he and another young miner were working their mining claim on the Illinois River in South Western Oregon.

The teenage miner reported that he was approached by an armed individual purporting to be Law Enforcement who informed the two young miners that even though they have a mining claim, they were not allowed to mine at that location.

The teenager responded by informing the USFS employee that he had rights, but was subsequently intimidated by the USFS employee who threatened to confiscate his mining tools and any gold that he had recovered that day.

The young miner packed up his gear so that he could mine another day, but informed the USFS employee that his threats to take his property were illegal.

Elder miners in attendence recommended that in the future, the young miner should call the Josephine County Sheriff's Department right away if he is confronted again by pretenders proclaiming law enforcement powers.


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