USFS to SW Oregon Miner: "If this was any other country, we'd just take you out!"

In this artistically done video, another Southern Oregon Miner on Carberry Creek in the Upper Applegate exposes the tyranny being spread by the United States Forest Service. Put together by Lonnie Ames, a one time partner of Dave Everist at "Twin Cedars" and one of the seven miners who USFS attacked in 2009 for occupation, the video depicts a "weekly day-off, one year before the US Forest Circus illegally confiscated our rights and property" at the Bobcat Placer owned by Ames which he worked at dillugently to make a living. Like Everist, Ames is currently appealing his case. See: US v Ames 9th Circuit, 2011.

Ames alleges that the "Bobcat" was raided by USFS employees "armed and dressed in full battle gear" and quotes one employee of USFS as telling him that: "You are lucky this is the United States. If this was any other country, we would just take you out!"

Ames remarks that "USFS is trying to herd all the miners out of the hills and into food stamps and poverty".



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