BLM: Desecrating your rights and the deceased?

By Joseph Snook
Investigative Reporter

Central Oregon - Ethics violations, wild Mustang's killed, abusing citizens, unlawful arrests, child molestation, false accusations, closing public roads (2), and now, desecration of a cemetery? All of these accusations are leveled at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and many citizens and law enforcement are taking action against this federal agency. 

Friends of Rudio Mountain (FORM), an Oregon non-profit organization, is the latest to report the abuses caused at the hands of the BLM. Three separate, yet relevant incidents were recently leveled against the Prineville, Oregon BLM office in Central Oregon. These incidents have cost one BLM employee his job, another to be formally reprimanded for ethics violations and another incident has yet to be told - the desecration of a cemetery at the hands of BLM Central Oregon Resource Area Manager, Homer "Chip" Faver.

With an estimated 500 supporters, FORM has donated countless time and funds to help maintain Rudio Mountain for many years. One spokeswoman from FORM stated the group has been a part of the "Adopt an Open Space Program" for sixteen years. The adopt an open space title is given to people or organizations that help maintain the area they are adopting. In FORM's case, this meant picking up trash on Rudio Mountain, along with replacing road signs on the mountain - free of charge - to help provide safety for the people who recreate, live or travel on Rudio Mountain. 

In the past, FORM's communication with Prineville BLM has been intricate in keeping Rudio Mountain a quality place for people to enjoy. Now, recent events have left FORM and other Oregon residents outraged. It is reported that former BLM Central Oregon Area Manager, Christina Welch, who had a working relationship with FORM in the past was replaced by Homer Chip Faver - a replacement that has caused many problems, not only for BLM, but Homer Faver in a personal capacity as well.

On Rudio Mountain there are several historic grave-sites and memorials which FORM cares for, not to mention the signs they freely place, but because of an investigation into FORM, Faver decided FORM was at odds with BLM's mission and regulations.

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