SOREDI: A Major Threat to Josephine County?

On March 30th, many residents of Josephine County watched in total dismay as Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development Inc. (SOREDI) attempted to push a controversial draft proposal to two of our Josephine County Commisioners. Fortunately, with Commissioner Ellis being absent, both Commisioners Cassanelli and Hare refused to weigh in on the issue.

The draft proposal, known as the 2011-2016 Josephine County Economic Development Strategic Plan not only aims to make Josephine County a "sustainable community" through so-called "smart growth", but also seeks to change our current method of government through methods of so-called "revision" and "modernization". As we all know, these terms are the language of so-called environmentalists that are thrown at the general public in an attempt to justify the theft of private property and to destroy the traditional economies of a given area. What SOREDI is proposing could best be summed up as being the same type of system which was pushed onto the people of Spain, which ultimately resulted in the complete unraveling of their economy and an upheaval of civil unrest.

Read SOREDI's proposal below:

Read SOREDI's proposal to Josephine County
Official Comments from EDSC members regarding County Administrator expanded Board of Commissioners issue

Recently, a similar plan was introduced to the Board of County Commisioners of Caroll County, Maryland. Fortunately, their leaders had the courage and insight to reject the plan, stating that they felt it violated the U.S. Constitution.

See -

We request that miners (and non-miners) who are concerned about SOREDI's activities make it a point to attend the upcoming public meetings of the Josephine County BCC and to speak out against SOREDI's plans. The next of these meetings is on Wednesday, April 6th at 9 AM at the Anne Basker Building in Grants Pass. More information is available on the BCC's calandar here.

If you cannot attend, please at least make your voice heard by writing an e-mail to the commisioners and tell them that you do not want this nonsense being perpetuated here in Josephine County.

Commisioner Cassanelli -
Commisioner Ellis -
Commisioner Hare - 

You can learn more about the idealogy behind SOREDI's idealogy by listening to the following broadcasts by SWOMA legal researcher, Hal Anthony on the following three episodes of his radio show "Behind the Woodshed":

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