Due to the special position and establishment of Jefferson Mining District, together with its 4 years experience in Coordination, 43 USC 1712, and compelled by representations made in an article published by Scott Harn, of ICMJ, reporting on the activities of Joe Martori regarding activating a yet to be formed Rand Mining District and his unilateral inclusion of a mining district as a Cooperating Agency, 43 USC ยง 4321, 40 CFR 1501, 43 CFR Part 46, etc., under the Secretary of the Interior, Jefferson Mining District Assembly commissioned, prepared, and served the following line of inquiry and findings upon Joe Martori.
This Line of Inquiry evidences, and is admitted, that Joe Martori, or the MMAC have no lawful authority to commit a non-existent mining district unilaterally to agency servitude through "Round Table" or other Cooperative Agency status, such as "administrative mining districts". These promoted bureaucratic "administrative mining districts" are unknown to the customs, traditions, and culture of miners. The eventual Rand mining district or any congressionally acknowledged miner's government would be ill-advised to accept such a weakened capacity; and,

That neither do the MMAC or, as a project of, the legal entity Public Lands for the People, PLP, have any lawful authority to determine or "outline" or limit or control anything about a mining district pursuant to the Act of 1872, amending the prior congressional Acts acknowledging mining districts;

The consequent Final Findings: Propriety of actions of Joe Martori with regard to Rand mining district & MMAC, showing Cooperating Agency status does not provide more power to the grantee than the grantee, or the power Congress already acknowledges to those assembled through mining districts established free of MMAC, or Much More Administrative Control, and bureaucratic overburden; and,

That none of these legal entities, or the attorneys they will rely on, see Jefferson Mining District, et. al., v. Kitzhaber, et. al., 2013, can or will protect a mineral estate grantee no matter how attractive the proposed added agency bureaucratic package promoted appears; and,

As More Fully Documented and Explained Through the Following Documents:

Initiating Letter of Inquiry to Joe Martori on Behalf of Rand Mining District

The Courtesy Followup Communication Because of the Default of Joe Martori to Respond

The Final Finding Based Upon the Facts, the Law, and By Default Agreement of Joe Martori That His Actions and Those of MMAC, or Others Aiding and Abetting, Are Not Warranted and Are in Conflict With Law

In Further Disclosure

Jefferson Mining District has redrawn the original MMAC Flow-chart to disclose what MMAC, Joe Martori, ICMJ, or PLP will not fully disclose with regard to operable law as it will actually affect the mineral estate grantee. That no matter how this bureaucratic oppression is painted it cannot serve the mineral estate grantee better or more immediately than existing law and the grantee taking responsibility to effect it.

MMAC Flow-chart Correcting Prior Omissions To Disclosure Based on The Final Findings and the Law

All of Which Deception Is Exposed Prior Through:

The MMAC Offer Rejection Order Explaining The Method and Source of  Law Used to Steal Property and Rights from Grantees by MMAC, It's Proposed Legislation, and Those Aiding and Abetting Such Deceit.

Please Take Note:

The Method above exposed is designed and used to steal your Power and to falsely claim representative capacity over your property and your rights without your actual consent, no matter what it is called or how it is constructed. The law states that any one or any body taking or gaining control of your property or your rights
under color of authority without lawful warrant the conduct is felony theft by extortion and felony conversion.