Cassanelli Makes Good On Promise To Continue to Support Miners 

Making good on a promise she made to continue to support the rights of independent miners, at a recent meeting of the South West Oregon Mining Association, former Josephine County Commissioner Sandi Cassanelli, was unaninimously elected by local miners to the office of Secretary of SWOMA.

SWOMA is proud to welcome such a well known champion of common sense and property and constitutional rights to their board. 

In other local mining news, Kerby Jackson recently stepped down as Chairman of Jefferson Mining District. Jackson says that at the moment he would like to concentrate more of his time on mining and writing, but will remain at the helm of JMD's Archive which works to catalog and compile mining and legal information for the miner's government.

Calling for an election, miners of the Jefferson Mining District elected Ron Gibson as their Chairman and Theo Stanley as Recorder. 


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