Federal  and State Agencies Are Routine Visitors To Mining Rights .org

In studying the demographics of visitors to Mining Rights.org, it appears that the most common visitors to this site are not miners, but employees of the federal and state agencies which are actively working to erode the mining rights of U.S. Citizens.

After a recent visit to the site by a computer that traced back to the FBI's Information Systems Department (these are the guys who compile databases of "terrorist" organizations), we decided to begin cataloging the visits to this site that are made by varying agencies. Granted, federal and state agencies visiting mining related websites is nothing new. It has long been known that employees of the United States Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management, not to mention representatives of varying environmental organizations, have routinely monitored the most popular forums and message boards devoted to mining, but it seems that almost since inception, Mining Rights .org has been practically inundated by visits from these varying groups.

Based on analytics, it has also been found that these agency visitors spend a remarkable amount of time on Mining Rights .org. Their average visit to the site lasts over two hours and in addition to spending most of their visiting time in the Mining Law Learning Center, news stories that are about the activities of the federal agencies against miners are their most popular preference. Our hope of course, is that they will actually bother to learn something about the Mining Law and finally come to realize that their only lawful place is to "foster and encourage private mineral development", opposed to restricting it under a Color of Authority.

Here are a few highlights from their visits.

Apparently, the FBI isn't the only keeping an eye on the miners. So is the Department of Homeland Security. Let's hope that they are
investigating the long list of complaints that miners have filed against the agencies and particularly, against the United States Forest Service.

Rawlins, Wyoming BLM visits Mining Rights
Here Wyoming BLM express a particular interest in the South West Oregon Mining Association.

USFS visits Mining Rights
A USFS employee at Plumas National Park in California is a fairly routine visitor to Mining Rights .org. The lack of "refferer" indicates
that the employee is coming directly to the site from his/her browser, which probably means that they have a bookmark to here.

A USFS employee in Corvallis, Oregon is a regular visitor to Mining Rights .org. They routinely visit the site several times a week.

We believe that this is the first visit from a USFS employee in Santa Maria, California. Based on analytics, they searched directly for "SWOMA"
(South West Oregon Mining Association). Included among the topics that interested them was a call to miners to help support Josephine County
Commissioner Sandi Cassanelli who is currently facing a recall that was instigated by supporters of SOREDI.

Here we have the Denver office for BLM paying us a visit. Like many other agencies (including the FBI), they are apparently very interested in the
relationship between miners and their local sheriffs.

Here we have the Jerome, Idaho office for BLM paying us a visit. They came here to learn about a recent mining case that found that
the United States Forest Service and one of their employees had violated a miner's constitutional rights.

Apparently, Medford USFS is interested in the same thing.

As is Vancouver, Washington USFS.

Oregon DEQ isits Mining Rights
As might be expected, the State of Oregon is also a routine visitor to Mining Rights .org. In addition a visit from Oregon's Department of Environmental
Quality (who annually defrauds miners by insisting that they buy a permit from them under threat of penalty, when EVERY citizen of the United States
already has a right to mine that is protected under the Contract Clause of the United States Constitution and over which the states have no lawful authority),
we also see a visit from Oregon's Department of Administrative Services, as well as an employee of the City of Hillsboro, Oregon.

NBC visits Mining Rights
Here we see a visit from the National Business Center division of the United States Department of Interior.
This agency appears to be a wing of DOI that handles the privately owned businesses that operate within National Parks.

Here is yet another visit from a BLM employee. This one spent three and a half hours on Mining Rights on October 27th, 2011.

On October 26th, 2011, Mining Rights .org received a copy of this press release stating that Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar
wished to " integrate the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSM) into the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
to further strengthen the bureaus’ mining regulations and abandoned mine land reclamation programs." The press released was reviewed
and it was found that OSM only have authority over coal mining. Like something out of a low budget government conspiracy movie, on
October 27th, Mining Rights .org was then visited by an employee of the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSM) who
spent about ten minutes brwsing the site.

In addition to the routine visits from the friendly people at USFS, on October 27th, Mining Rights .org was also visited by Alaska's
Department of Administration, as well as the National Parks Service. It is safe to say that NPS must have gotten an eyeful over the article
"In Remote Alaska, Park Service Wields Too Much Power" which told the story of how Park Rangers utilized a 12 guage shotgun to bring a
71 year old man and his wife "into compliance" while boating on the famed Yukon River.

On October 25th, Mining Rights .org was even blessed with a visit from the Department of Interior, who oversees BLM.


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