USFS Terror: USFS Steals Miner Dave's Personal Property

Saturday, September 29th, 2012 - Continuing their ever-so-unlawful ways, employees of the United States Forest Service have apparently recently stolen the personal property of gold miner David Everist that was situated upon Everist's "Twin Cedar Placer" property on the Sturgis Fork of Carberry Creek in Josephine County, Oregon.

The incident was reported by two local miners who had been periodically checking on Everist's personal property at Twin Cedars, which included two camp trailers which Everist called home. According to the report, on their way up Thompson Creek Road, the miners witnessed two United States Forest Service Law Enforcement vehicles escorting what was described as "a roll-back trailer" into the vicinity of the Sturgis Fork. Later in the day, the two miners did a routine check on Twin Cedars and discovered that both trailers and other items had been taken by USFS from Everist's property during the course of the day.

It is assumed that Everist's property was transported out of Josephine County and into neighboring Jackson County where county law enforcement officials have not been critical of USFS's illegal behavior. At this time, it is believed that the Forest Service did not have a warrant to go on Twin Cedars and seize the property.

Speaking by phone from a patented claim located above Sunny Valley, Everist stated that he was stunned that the Forest Service had taken his property from "Twin Cedars" considering the fact that he is still awaiting a final judgement on his most recent case involving the Forest Service. He remarked that he had not been notified of any plans by USFS to seize his property, nor does he believe that they had a warrant.

"I don't own much, and once again, the Forest Service has stolen what little I do have. That means that even if I went back to Twin Cedars, I'd have no shelter this winter. I really can't stay where I'm at right now come winter because the snow can get 6 to 8 feet deep up here," Everist said, remarking about the remoteness and high elevation of the place he's currently staying. "Basically, they've made me homeless and taken my livlihood from me," Everist added.

Everist had planned to go back down into a lower elevation come winter, and at the suggestion of local miners, was intending to go back to school to study mining law.

"I don't know how I'm going to do it now," Everist said, "but my intention is to go to college and become an attorney. These judges won't let you submit any law unless you're part of their little club. I won't give up, so that means that I need to go to college, study law and become an attorney specializing in mining and trust law."

Everist, who is known by miners everywhere as "Miner Dave", became well known after taking a stand against the U.S. Forest Service when they violated his rights.

In the meantime, Everist intends to take local USFS to task over the theft of his property.

"It might take years," Everist said, "but I won't stop until these people are in prison."



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