Jefferson Mining District & SWOMA Meetings

Jefferson Mining District meets the 3rd Friday of each month.

SWOMA *Meetings To Be Announced*


Jefferson Mining District Meetings

Jefferson Mining District promotes a "don't give 'em an inch" principle and actively works to defend the property, rights and remedies of all miners, farmers, timber workers and others who make their living from the land. 

Jefferson Mining District is a congressionally acknowledged miner's government serving the needs of miners and other producers and property owners in Oregon, Northern California, N.W. Nevada, and S.W. Idaho.

Jefferson Mining District holds a potluck every third Friday of the month at a place To Be Announced, TBA. The potluck starts at 6:00 PM, followed by our meeting around 6:30 PM. In addition to district administration, we also focus on discussing the latest issues pertaining to mining and other forms of land and water use, the little known elements of long established mining law, such as water law and of highways, as well as the latest threats to our private properties, production, livelihoods, and the greater public good and what we are doing to stop these trespasses against us.

Jefferson Mining District meetings are open to all interested in using the Mining Law to protect property rights and production.

Meetings for 2021; Third Friday: 
1 / Cancelled Due To... THE [common cold] VIRUS / (JMD)
5 / 21 / (JMD TBA)
6 / 18 / (JMD TBA)
7 / 16 / (JMD TBA)
8 / 20 / (JMD TBA)
9 / 17 / (JMD TBA)
10 / 15 / (JMD TBA)
11 / 19 / (JMD TBA)
12 / 17 / (JMD TBA)

For more information please contact: 

District Recorder: Contact the Interim Chairman.

Interim Chairman: Ron Gibson;  dritecrg [A@T] hotmail [D OT]com



The South West Oregon Mining Association (SWOMA) is an organization of miners and others based in South Western Oregon that are interested in defending our mining, property, water, access and other rights. It's purpose is for education and Outreach of things appurtenant the Mining Law. Learn about your mining, water, property and granted  "public highway" rights!

SWOMA will be at the Josephine County Fair where you can find out how to pan for gold and learn more about the real values mining brings to your everyday life.

Meeting Schedule to Be Announced. When announced SWOMA holds a potluck and miners meeting At Josephine County Planning Office, Grants Pass, Oregon, 3rd and C streets: Far left of the building as you go down C street. The potluck starts at 6:00 PM, followed by our meeting around 6:30 PM.

Meetings To Be Announced

SWOMA meetings are open to the public. They have attracted people such as former Josephine County Commissioner Sandi Cassanelli, former Josephine County Commissioner Tony Corriea, former Josephine County Sheriff Gil Gilbertson, Oregon Congressional Candidate Art Robinson, Oregon House District #3 Candidate Barbara Gonzalez, Josephine County Commissioner Candidates Mark Seligman, Chris Ferguson, Alan Koebrick, Bob Just, Toni Webb and Jack Brown, Josephine County Clerk Candidate Dale Matthews, Josephine County Commissioner Simon Hare, Josephine County Commissioner Harold Haugen and others who have desired to learn something about the Mining Law. Political representatives, law enforcement, and employees of BLM, USFS, DSL, DEQ, Water Resources and other management agencies are also encouraged to attend, as well as members of the press.


Eugene "Debbs" Potts and Pottsville, Oregon

The long time project of the late Eugene "Debbs" Potts, who was an Oregon Senator and also acted as Oregon's Governor for 196 days during Tom McCall's tenure, Pottsville was intended as a model town of early rural Oregon and includes a lifetime's worth of collecting old farm and logging machinery, mining equipment and also more unique historical items such as the Japanese "Balloon Bomb" which crashed (and failed to explode) in Merlin, Oregon during WW2 and the original stagecoach which once ran from Kerbyville, Oregon to Crescent City, California.

Debbs was born in a small logging camp near Shasta, California while his parents were traveling to Oregon. Over the years, in addition to owning several small timber companies, he was also a prominent political leader in Oregon, serving as the mayor of Grants Pass, Oregon, a senator and eventually managing a very successful state lottery program.

The late Governor Tom McCall once remarked that Potts was "one of the most decent public men, anywhere".

Find out more about Pottsville here.

Getting To Pottsville

Northbound I-5: Take Exit 61 (Merlin), Turn left, Turn right at stoplight (Monument Dr.), Travel 3.5 mi., Turn left on Pleasant Valley Rd., Pottsville entrance is on the right.

Southbound I-5: Take Exit 66 (Hugo), Turn right, Travel 3 mi., Turn right on Pleasant Valley Rd., Pottsville entrance is on the right.


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