Download and Listen to some audio for a taste of what you can learn at our meetings:

Behind the Woodshed with Hal Anthony: Listen to Hal report on news from the U.N.-declared war on America, every Sunday at Oracle Broadcasting.

SWOMA Legal Researcher Hal Anthony on KMED: 7AM THURSDAY JULY 22, 2010, Paul Prinsen reports on the green agenda promoted at Sen. Bates meeting. Hal Anthony and Bill Meyer kick around the latest proposed mining ban..this time on the Chetco. Listen here.

SWOMA Vice President Ron Gibson on KMED: 8AM FRIDAY FEBRUARY 5, 2010, Bill Meyer speaks with Ron Gibson. Listen here.

SWOMA Legal Researcher Hal Anthony on KMED: 8AM MONDAY OCTOBER 19, 2009, Bill Meyer speaks with Ron Gibson about mining on the Rogue River. Listen here.

Ron Gibson on KMED: 7AM WEDNESDAY SEPT 30th, 2009 Bill Meyer speaks with Ron about the Cliff Tracy case, then with the Josephine County Sheriff Gil Gilbertson. Listen here.

Hal Anthony on Revolution Broadcasting: Hal speaks about the 1866 Mineral Grant and its relation to the Cliff Tracy case. Part 1, Part 2

Watch some video from our meetings, to get a feel for what you can learn:

SWOMA Legal Researcher, Hal Anthony, on the "The Illegal Permit"

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



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