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USFS Terror: USFS Fails To Learn Their Lesson in Placer County
Miner Dave Sues Agencies
Cassanelli Makes Good on Promise to Continue To Support Miners
USFS Harasses, Intimidates and Threatens Teenage Miner
USFS Terror: USFS Employee Steals California Miner's Property
Change in BLM Maintenance Fees for Association Placer Claims
Former USFS Employees Demand Withdrawal of Chetco River
USFS Terror from Yester-year
Miner Dave talks with Bill Meyer about his illegal arrest
The Illegal Arrest of Miner Dave
Cassanelli Throws Hat in Ring Again

Miners challenge California ban on dredging
Miner on the American River plays garbage man
Environmental extremists killing jobs, economy in Oregon
Tombstone: The Mining District Too Tough To Die
Sheriffs Standing Tall For The Constitution
Jefferson Mining District Establishes Mining Archive
RS 2477 Access Validated By Custer County, Idaho
NW Explosives to Hold Class April 22nd-23rd in SW Oregon
Fred Kelly Grant on Co-Ordination
USFS and Enviros Push For Mining Ban On Chetco River
Federal and State Agencies are routine visitors to Mining Rights .org
Medford BLM Destroying Evidence of Southern Oregon Mining
Miner's Call to Sturgis Fork of Carberry Creek, Josephine County, Oregon
As gold hits $1,700/oz. California dredgers lament lost income
$3 million in gold stolen from Siskiyou County Courthouse Mining Display
Cassanelli says she will continue to support miners and county
Sheriff Mack tells Sheriffs: You Can Fight
BLM: Desecrating your rights and the deceased?
Southern Oregon Water Under Attack by Karuks?
Siskiyou County Ranchers: We Do Not Consent To Loss of Property
BLM Resource Advisory Councils to Meet Feb. 8-10 in Redding
Grizzly Peak Timber Sales Protested by Enviros
Enviros Allege that Nevada Claim Markers Kill "Millions of Birds"
Park Ranger Tasers California Man for Walking Dog Off Leash
Blasting Certification Class to be held in SW Oregon
Protest Sec. of Interior Ken Salazar in Medford
Jefferson Mining District is officially formed!
Public Notice To Miners of Locatable Minerals For The Purpose of Forming a Mining District
Gilbertson: This Land is Our Land, Feds Have No Jurisdiction
Western States Sheriffs: USFS LEO Rule Changes an Absolute Disregard for Sovereignty
8 Sheriffs Stand Tall Against Tyranny
Senator Rand Paul on Water & Mining
Alex Jones on the U.S. Parks Department
U.S. Forest Service intimidating, and lying to prospectors
Medford BLM Get Challenged on their Lawful Authority to Close Roads
"Excessive Force" BLM Ranger William Finch accused of molesting 11-yr. old girl
BLM Pushes Forward on Wilderness Agenda
Karuk Tribal Members Expose Possible Fraud Used To Attack California Miners
Gil Gilbertson: Sheriff of and for the People
Oregon Sheriff Stands up Against the US Forest Service
Mining Recognition Day in Josephine County, Oregon
SWOMA Legal Researcher Hal Anthony on Sheriff Gilbertson's letter to USFS
Josephine County Sheriff Gil Gilbertson Questions The Authority of USFS
Oregon Sherrif Draws Line in the Sand; Challenges the Authority of USFS in Grant County
Prineville, Oregon Man Stands Up For Taxpayers - BLM Pushes False Charges
Bill Meyer talks to local miner Mark Johnson on the current state of mining in Southern Oregon
Gold miner Cliff Tracy agrees to stop mining on Galice Creek in southwest Oregon
Southwest Oregon gold miner Cliff Tracy hit with second illegal mining charge
Gold miner Cliff Tracy wants to dig in again
Joseph Green & Claudia Wise Address California Over "Suction Dredge" Mining
SWOMA's Proposal To Josephine County On Mineral Sources Co-Ordination
Josephine County Passes Resolution To Oppose Siskiyou Crest Monument
Senator Gaines: California Dredging Ban Steals Property Rights
SWOMA addresses Josephine County's Mining Ordinance
Wild Lands Policy Reversed
HB 3469 poses major threat to Oregon Mining through regulation of precious metal sales
SOREDI: A Major Threat to Josephine County?
Atkinson's anti-mining legislation SB 765 may be dead
Atkinson,Bates & Hass launch attack on mining and water rights in Oregon
Rogue Riverkeeper sues Southern Oregon gold miner
Southern Oregon Mining Community Supports Ron Spears at Trial
Walden says: "Enough already" to Siskiyou Crest Monument
Stop Siskiyou Land Grab Coalition sponsors community Forum - February 5th at 10 a.m
Southern Oregon mining community supports miners illegally cited near Josephine Creek
Two Southern Oregon Miners cited for "building illegal road" near Josephine Creek
Waldo Mining District and Eastern Oregon Mining Assoc. challenge Oregon DEQ over 700 PM Permit
Appeals court backs Idaho phosphate mine expansion
Ken Salazarç—´ power grab, just in time for Christmas
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